Martial Arts for Preschoolers (4-6)

The Little Tigers Program is a detailed curriculum for ages 4-6 that focuses on improving preschool-age children's basic motor and listening skills.
The curriculum consists of developing eight major skills necessary for participation in any sport or activity. The eight skills emphasized in our program include focus, teamwork, control, balance, memory, discipline, fitness and coordination. 
In our Little Tiger classes, we make learning fun and educational. The program will enhance positive development in a fun and motivating way.​​

Life Lessons Developed Through USTA Character Development(CD) Program©

Classes at USTA end with group discussions and role-playing exercises. We touch on life lessons and discuss alternate resolutions to some of the issues children face today.

​We explore topics that include: 
Respect for Self and Others - Listening Skills - Following Directions  
Self-Confidence - Positive Motivation - Encouragement  
School Improvement  - Individual Recognition 
Dealing with Bullies

Martial Arts for Children (7-12)

Learning taekwondo is a physical and mental endeavor. Physically, taekwondo involves all major muscle groups to help your child develop physical strength, agility, and flexbility. But our emphasis goes far beyond just learning physical moves and martial arts techniques.
At USTA Martial Arts, we use the lessons of taekwondo to help teach your child to set goals, work in a disciplined manner, and strive for success in their endeavors. A hearty taekwondo education instills equal doses of confidence and humility; it instructs children to treat others with respect, but also to stand up for themselves and what they believe in.​

During the course of the year, we focus on topics that include the ability to focus and follow instructions, health habits, and kindness. Many of these topics build on foundations laid in our Little Tiger classes, meaning that children who begin the program at an early age will not lose their focus and habits as they grow older.

Martial Arts for Teens & Adults (13+)

It can be easy to assume "Traditional" martial arts such as taekwondo and karate are inferior compared to mixed martial arts programs. The difference is simply in the presentation. Brazillian ju-jitsu, and other similar sports are easy to make look effective because they rely on grappling which allows full contact without putting your training partner in danger.

Kukkiwon-style taekwondo is based on striking, which is much more difficult to demonstrate at full power without injuring a training partner, but, make no mistake, taekwondo teaches real, applicable self-defense skills. Striking is hands-down superior to grappling in a situation where one is defending against multiple opponents.

We teach techniques that demonstrate both multiple-opponent attacks with striking, and one-on-one self defense that incorporates grappling.

For fitness, taekwondo is fun! Unlike going to the gym or working out on your own, Taekwondo workouts are unique, different, and exciting each time you attend.
In addition, USTA Martial Arts Instructors are there to provide you with the support, encouragement, and motivation to make sure you attain your goals.
The USTA Martial Arts adult students usually find that they better cope with stress, sleep better at night, work better during the day and just overall feel better
They also have a greater peace of mind due to the knowledge and expertise on what to do if faced with a dangerous situation.