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Programs Designed With you in Mind
At US Taekwondo Academy, We are interested not only in self defense skills, but also in the complete personal development of each student. Individual attention is a feature of each and every class, allowing our students to progress quickly and easily toward their personal goals. Our instructors take their responsibilities as role models for younger students seriously, teaching them the importance of strong character, leadership and good values...... More 
Children Home Rule
USTA Martial Arts
US Taekwondo Academy 
1904 Iron St
Bellingham WA 98225
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Smokey Point Studio (360)659-9999
Bellevue Studio  (425)401-5150
Marysville Studio (360)651-1171
North Marysville Studio (360)653-3338
Arlington Studio  (360)435-2228
Stanwood Studio  (360)629-9616
Mount Vernon Studio  (360)424-9110
Ferndale Studio  (360)312-1311
Bellingham Studio (360)671-8629

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